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RequiredSubject/Title overseasorder
Model Name オクト フィニッシモ
Model Name/English Octo Finissimo
Price (tax excluded) ¥1,452,728
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必須Terms and conditions
Please read the terms and conditions below. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions, you will not be able to order.

■Cancellation Policy
No returns. No exchange. No refunds.
If you have any questions or request on the product, please ask before making payment.

■Payment Method
We only accept payment via international or Japan domestic bank transfer/remittance.
ALL REMITTANCE CHARGES (including those of intermediary bank) are to be borne by customer.
Credit card and PayPal are not accepted.

■Shipping and Insurance
Item(s) will be shipped using FedEx/EMS.
Requests for delivery to warehouses or hotels are not accepted as they are not covered by insurance.
Please note that shipping companies will vary depending on the destination country and product details and will be determined by us.
Your item(s) purchased will be fully covered under insurance against loss, theft and damage during shipping.
Item(s) will be shipped from Japan.
In additional to the product price, a JPY 20,000 shipping and handling charge and insurance fee (JPY 1,500 for watch below JPY 600,000, otherwise 0.25% on watch's price) will also be charged.

■Taxes and Duties
Price displayed does not include customs & import duties, consumption tax, sales tax etc. (each rate varies by country/state).
Taxes and duties of the destination country are to be borne by the customers.
Kindly consult with the customs or tax authorities of the destination country before placing order.

■Items Banned for Overseas shipment
We are unable to ship overseas any product made of endangered species such as crocodiles, sharks or those protected under the CITES. entered into force in 1975.
In case that such leather strap can be removed, overseas shipping is possible without the strap.

■Warranty and Maintenance
We are unable to provide warranty to items sold overseas.
Depending on the product, some may not carry valid manufacturer's international warranty.
If you have any questions or request on the item, please ask before making payment.

Please be noted that our items are available on multiple platforms and stock availability on the website is not updated real-time.
The item has not yet been reserved at the time order is placed. Please note that the item may be sold anytime.
Upon receiving your order, we will check and contact you regarding stock availability.